Banger Basics: The Essential Pre-War Model A Hot Rod How-To

Ford Model A and B Bangers

The Banger Basics Series from the Seattle Speed Shop YouTube channel is an Essential Prewar Hot Rod Model A Ford How-To.

In the series, Matt and his dog Charlie delve into the intricacies of the Ford Model A engine, exploring its fundamental design characteristics and improvements over its production lifetime while highlighting the distinctions with the Model B.

Matt covers Banger Hop-up Fundamentals and focuses on the basic hop-up of the Ford Model A and Model B engines, laying the foundation for enthusiasts to enhance their hot rod experience.

Moving on from the fundamentals. Matt moves on to Advanced Banger Hop-up, which takes the exploration to the next level, delving into more intricate modifications to Banger engines.

You also get up to speed on Carburetors and Intakes as Matt provides a comprehensive guide to the Model A Ford induction systems and offers valuable insights into optimizing performance.

You’ll also see an exciting installation of a 1939 Ford V8 transmission in a Model A Ford. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned banger enthusiast, this series promises to elevate your understanding and appreciation of Bangers.