E-Stopp Electric Emergency Brake Kit

E-Stopp Electric Emergency Brake

The E-Stopp Electric Emergency Brake kit is a great option for those looking to eliminate the traditional foot or hand-operated emergency brake systems in favor of a cleaner look.

The system activates via push-button that can be mounted in unusual places, perhaps inside of a glovebox or a center console for a clean minimalist look, or you can even hide the button under the dash somewhere to use it as an anti-theft system.

Our friends at E-Stopp made a short video highlighting some of the uses of the kit, demonstrating the Electric Emergency Brake Kit’s multiple uses as a parking brake, emergency brake, and also as an anti-theft device.

They use a Dodge Durango as a testbed; granted, not exactly something you would see in our catalogs, but the Electric Emergency brake Kit is the product being demonstrated, not the vehicle.

You get to follow along as the presenter backs the vehicle up a nice steep hill, engage the E-Stopp Electric Emergency Brake, and then exits the vehicle and walks to the camera.

Then they move on to showing the effectiveness of the kit as an emergency brake by bringing the test vehicle to 25mph, then shifting the transmission to neutral and activating the system.

Within about 5 seconds, the E-Stopp Electric Emergency Brake Kit has brought the full-size SUV to a complete and safe stop.

Lastly, they demonstrate the viability of the kit as an Anti-Theft device. By placing the button in a hidden location, the vehicle goes nowhere, even if the thieves have your keys.

E-Stopp Parking Brake, Emergency Brake, and Anti-Theft Demonstration Video

E-Stopp Electric Emergency Brake Kit Installation

We followed that up with a short video showing the relative ease with which the kit can be installed on the vehicle of your choice.