1/2″ Breaker Bars ~ Snap-on vs Mac vs Matco vs Pittsburgh Pro

1/2" Breaker Bars ~ Snap-on vs Mac vs Matco vs Harbor Freight's Pittsburgh Pro

Most people have a brand preference or loyalty when it comes to tools, but you might be surprised at the features you will find on other brands or models, so we purchased four different 1/2″ Breaker Bar and compare them side-by-side to show you what those differences actually are.

Breaker bars are one thing that every mechanic or DIYer needs in their toolbox — using the same sockets as your standard ratchet, breaker bars give you a lot more leverage resulting in a lot more torque.

In this video, Real Tool Reviews evaluates Snap-on, Mac, Matco, & Pittsburgh Pro 1/2″ breaker bars ranging from 24″ to 25″ in length, price from under $20 to almost $150, and each has comfort grip and 1/2″ drive end.

1/2″ Breaker Bars Reviewed: