Don’t Talk To Strangers, Unless He Drives a ’67 Camaro RS/SS, of Course

Meeting a stranger with hot rods in common and checking out his impressive car collection.

Classic Car Collection
Checking out a strangers classic car collection...

First-gen Camaros might be a common sight at car shows, but spotting a numbers-matching 1967 RS/SS out cruising the town on any given Saturday is about as likely to happen as meeting Elvis at Costco.

Every kid heard it from their mother a thousand times — “don’t talk to strangers.”

As good as that advice was back then, you should ALWAYS talk to strangers driving a ’67 RS/SS Camaro with a 4 speed — That’s just the kind of stranger who has a building full of mint muscle cars and trucks from the ’60s and ’70s.

Shawn, the owner and driver of one such car happened to recognize Jon from Mad Scientist Garage and offered to show off his collection of rare survivors and restored rides…