$5000 and 10 Days To Make Bad Daddy Braddy’s S10 Go 9 Seconds

9-Second Chevy S10 To Be Sold To Support Warriors On Track

Bad Daddy Braddy's 9-Second Chevy S10
Bad Daddy Braddy's 9-Second Chevy S10

via Hoonigan Project Cars ~ Bad Daddy Braddy is back and even though he lost the Build & Battle Season 2 Challenge, The Hoonigans couldn’t let that be the S10’s last hurrah — this thing needs to be sold for charity, so we want to make sure it’s a viable contender to sell for a very good cause — At the end of this project, the S10 will be sold to support Warriors on Track (see below).

About Warriors on Track

Warriors on Track brings Vets from all over the country to Southern California. As of now, all Vets start treatment at the Brain Treatment Center. We also provide housing, rehabilitation therapy and for those Vets without civilian job skills, we provide job training.

Warriors on Track
Warriors on Track

As you can see our financial needs are pretty significant, and without donors, these Vets wouldn’t get the care they need. The Veterans Administration data admits that after four years of treatment over 40% of Veterans with PTSD are still diagnosed as suffering effects of PTSD. These Vets are sadly sent out with prescription drugs and left to their own resources.

Because of this many Vets avoid treatment. Warriors On Track reaches out to those Vets and brings them into the program. Currently, we have a waiting list of over 200 Vets needing treatment.

While Neuromodulation isn’t the only treatment available, and we are watching Hyperbaric Oxygen and other treatments closely, the treatment we are using is the treatment that successfully helped two of our founding board members. There is a great video if you get time to watch it online.

For the group that has the skills and the ability, that training is preparing them to crew on a racing team. We are working with racing teams all over the country to help our graduates find meaningful work, and racing isn’t the only skill.

We have volunteer trainers from the worlds of Marketing and Real Estate right now and will expand that as funds and space allow.

We aren’t about raising awareness or providing comfort. Warriors On Track is about getting our Vets back on track.

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