James Hetfield’s Car Collection at the Petersen Automotive Museum

James Hetfield Metallica Car Collection
James Hetfield Metallica Car Collection

James has always been a car guy and shares his car journey to one of the coolest custom car collections around.

In 2019, James Hetfield donated his car collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Best known as a co-founder, songwriter, singer, and guitarist for the heavy metal band Metallica, James Hetfield has also gained recognition in the automotive world for his unique collection of entirely bespoke vehicles.

Hetfield describes seeing cars in the same way he sees music: as forms of freedom and expression that convey the passions of their creator.

While the vast majority of collectors acquire vehicles by purchasing pre-existing examples, Hetfield elected instead to build his from scratch, channeling creativity often reserved for his music into the production of rolling sculptures.

Experience the James Hetfield Collection at the Petersen. Purchase tickets here: https://www.petersen.org/