Roadkill Nights 2018 ~ Drag Racing on Woodward Ave

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Burnout
Gas Monkey Garage Richard Rawlings Dodge Challenger Hellcat

via Busted Classic Garage

Some Really Good Times:

  • Matt Hagan does a full drag strip burnout in his Funny Car
  • Leah Pritchett burns up the strip in her Top Fuel Dragster
  • Gas Monkey Garage’s Richard Rawlings crashes a Dodge Challenger Hellcat into a wall

On August 11th, 2018 Roadkill closed down the famous Woodward Ave, thanks to the city of Pontiac, Michigan for an all-day event called Roadkill Nights. They prepped the street, installed a Christmas Tree (which someone took out early in the day) and invited some of their friends for a night of drag racing fun.

Roadkill Nights ~ Drag Racing on Woodward Ave in Pontiac, MI
Roadkill Nights ~ Drag Racing on Woodward Ave in Pontiac, MI

Overhaulin’s Chris Jacobs hosts Roadkill Nights again. Roadkill brought a handful of their cars including The Muscle Truck, General Mayhem, Stubby Bob, The Draguar, Crusher Impala.

Dodge threw some brand new Challenger Hellcat Redeyes and Demons into the mix — Watch Richard Rawlings crash one of those brand-new Hellcats into a wall after attempting a 1/8 mile burnout.

The Dodge Celebrity Hellcat Shootout closed out Roadkill Nights 2018, with a little help from a traditional Roadkill rainstorm…