Cool Tool: Mechanics Mate Quick Change Hydraulic Puller

Mechanics Mate Quick Change Puller
Mechanics Mate Quick Change Puller

One of the best new tools that debuted at The 2018 SEMA Show was easily the Mechanics Mate Quick Change Hydraulic Puller

Mechanics Mate, an Australian company, demonstrated their Quick Change Hydraulic Puller and motorized engine stand — Tools designed to help mechanics do their job faster and easier…

Quick Change Hydraulic Puller Product Information from Mechanics Mate

The Quick Change Hydraulic Puller has been designed for speed, safety and adaptability. The Mechanics Mate Quick Change Hydraulic Puller offers the ability to take the power of your shop press to the job.

We currently have applications up to 50T, with 100T applications in development. We work with customers to ensure the system works.

Think of the Quick Change Hydraulic Puller as your hydraulic socket set, a socket set consists of a number of handles, extensions, adapters and sockets.

Our hydraulics are the equivalent of the handles, we have hydraulic cylinders from 5T – 100T, hand pumps, air operated hydraulic pumps, electric pumps and battery pumps. We have adapters and extensions too.

Our sockets are the different attachments, some are universal like our slotted attachments and our 3 Jaw attachments, others are job specific such as our Power Steering Pulley attachment. We also offer a range of installation shafts. These shafts are used for assembly, such as installing a harmonic balancer onto a crankshaft.

We offer a number of kits and options based on your specific needs. Starting with our Enthusiast Series using a basic hand pump and cylinder combination through to our top of the range Professional Series Hydraulics and Attachments.

If you would prefer to build your own kit, you can. Just choose the hydraulics you want, then pick the attachments you need. If you don’t know or we don’t have what you want, ask, because we are continually developing attachments for new applications and might have already developed a solution, if not, we are happy to look at your application.

Have a look on our YouTube channel to see what can be done, and how quickly it can be done. We can remove an LS1 harmonic balancer in 10 seconds once you have the bolt taken out. There is nothing else out there that can do this.

Once you use our Quick Change Hydraulic Puller, you will never use another puller again.

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  • All our hydraulics use 700bar (10,000psi) pumps and cylinders
  • Types of pumps available are:
    • Hand
    • Air
    • Electric
    • Battery
  • Cylinders range from 5T – 100T with strokes ranging from 20mm – 360mm (3/4″-14″)
  • Cylinders are either fitted with our patent pending cylinder coupling or it is an integral part of the cylinder
  • We use and recommend Cejn hydraulic fittings for the quick changeover and no leakage


  • Universal slotted and 3 jaw
  • Harmonic balancer removal and installation
  • Power steering pulley removal and installation
  • Pitman arm removal
  • Ball joint splitter
  • Driveshaft removal
  • Hub removal
  • Supercharger pulley removal
  • Bearing and bushing removal and installation
  • Special applications – on request