How To Cut Glass Mirror to Fix Broken Side View Wing Mirrors

Broken Rearview Mirror

YouTube channel sixtyfiveford demonstrates how to cut new mirror glass for any automotive mirror that needs it. You can even cut specialty pieces that only cover a portion of your original mirror and set it at an angle for blind spot viewing.

Mirror Glass

Target or Walmart: For $5-7 you get a 12″ X 48″ piece of mirror glass

Note: Do not use the scissor cut fake mirror glass you can buy at auto parts stores. You’ll feel like your at a carnival fun house every time you look in the mirror.

Glass Cutting Oil

Cutting oil is not completely necessary but any thin oil, even WD-40, would work — motor oil is too thick.

$5 Glass Cutter

This glass cutter is inexpensive but works awesome!

Shoe Goo ~ The Duct Tape of Glues

Optional: Diamond Burrs and Blades

You can buy diamond burrs and blades that will help smooth glass edges but it’s really not necessary unless you have a lot to remove.

Diamond Burrs

Diamond Blades