How To Make PVC Train Horns at Home

How To Make PVC Train Horns at Home

Most hot rodders like their cars loud, so why should your horn be any different?

Sure, you could buy a train horn, but why spend hundreds of dollars on a train horn kit when you could make your own — It’s cheap, it’s easy, and making stuff is way cooler than buying stuff.

Homemade PVC Train Horns

These simple homemade PVC train horns are based on dozerboymiller’s horn design:

  • The horns are made with three reducers,
  • the diaphragms are cut from a Tupperware storage container that’s about an eighth inch thick.
  • there is an airline powering both the horns that came off of a scuba tank.
  • The horns are tuned to a third apart.

The air tank setup has some nylon tubing run to a quarter-inch ball valve, an extended handle to make it easier to turn, and the tubing is T’d off with a pressure gauge.

There are a couple of clips showing how loud they are also from further away. You can gauge how loud they are by how well the sound travels…