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Blastolene’s Piss’d Off Pete

Randy Grubb and the Blastolene Piss'd Off Pete

From Jay Leno’s Garage ~ Blastolene’s Piss’d Off Pete. Automotive artist Randy Grubb chops a Peterbilt into drivable sculpture…

Randy Grubb’s inspiration came in the form of a 12V71 Detroit Diesel. The engine is an 852 cubic inch 2 stroke diesel engine that produces 474 horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. The 12 cylinders receive air via the two factory 6-71 blowers that are mounted inline.

Grubb created a work of art around this engine.

If you don’t know Grubb, he was the one that designed and originally built Jay Leno’s Tank Car.

“I view myself as an automotive artist creating full-size sculptures that you get to drive,” says Grubb. He has built several vehicles from the ground up and they are all “over the top” in one form or another.

Grubb took a 1960 Peterbilt 351 and went to work. He cut 5 inches out of the back, 8 out of the front to give it a slight rake look. The front windshield was formed to follow the lines of the cowl. So, from the front, it looks like it’s angry.

Behind the 12V71 is an Allison 740D 4 speed automatic which sends power to a Rockwell rear end with 2.70 gears. The wheels are custom made 12 spoke wheels up front with one-off Baer Brakes.