1940 Plymouth Coupe Hot Rod Chop Top Kustom Build

1940 Plymouth Coupe Hot Rod Chop Top Kustom Build

Video from RestoMod ~ Build by HAMB Member cgc1958 from North Hollywood, California…

Cutting Up A 1940 Plymouth Coupe

Why would you want to do that you say? Because it’s gonna be cool, why else? Yes, it is a beautiful car, yes it has beautiful paint, but we love Kustoms and fortunately, the owner of this car does too. Yes, we could royally screw the pooch. That is true… but fingers crossed we won’t.

How could we do this you ask? Well, it all started when we were caravanning to the Ventura Nationals with our friends Brian & Sabrina and the hood flew off and up into his windshield. Fortunately, he was able to blindly maneuver to the side of the freeway. It damaged the passenger side A-pillar and pushed in the window a bit and needless to say damaged the hood, but no one got hurt and he still had the hood! We threw the hood in the back of the Ranchero and continued to the show.

When we got to the show while waiting in line my husband Clark got out to congratulate Brian, when he saw that Brian’s fuel pressure gauge was leaking gas. O.K. it wasn’t leaking… it was pouring, all over the head, the spark plugs, and the exhaust manifold! Had the hood not flown off it is quite possible that Brian’s 40 Plymouth would have been a bad charcoal memory! So, you might say the hood flying up was a blessing in disguise! (Granted, I’m a glass is half full kind of a gal-so this is arguable!)

While in line, Clark fixed the leak, and into the show we went. Brian was rockin’ his 40 Plymouth in “gasser style” for the day. I’m sure the guys with gassers were thinking…”This guy is off his rocker if he thinks his Plymouth is a gasser” …and they would be right, the owner doesn’t think it’s a gasser…but he is quite possibly off his rocker to be cutting up a 40 Plymouth coupe!!

Prior to this incident I kept bugging Brian saying he should chop his Plymouth. Now, I said “Well your A-pillar is dented in, might as well chop it! I didn’t realize that he would actually mull this over all weekend and decide to go for a full kustom. Woohoo!!

So here we are, turning Brian’s 1940 Plymouth into a full kustom. We are chopping the top, shaving the drip rails, deleting the vent, windshield wipers, antenna, fuel filler, etc. Oh yeah, and we’re putting a 64 Caddy engine in it too…

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