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1,000 Watt Rust Cleaning Laser Removes Rust Effortlessly

1,000 Watt Rust Cleaning Laser Removes Rust Effortlessly

Rust Cleaning? Remove rust easily from metals using a 1000 Watt Laser. When aimed at a metal surface, the dirt layer and any oxides underneath will absorb the energy and evaporate.

The metal underneath will not absorb the laser energy, leaving nothing but a clean surface ready for welding or painting.

The system uses short pulses of laser light at 1000 watts, producing micro-plasma bursts, along with thermal pressure and shock waves to sublimate the rust and separates it from the metal without damaging the piece.

The Hand Held Rust Removal Laser makes rust literally evaporate.

Editor’s Note: This Laser does not harm or hurt human flesh, as seen in the video…

The cheapest version on the market is a much smaller, less-powerful 20W unit that starts at around $80,000 Dollars and the 1000W unit would set you back nearly $480,000 Dollars.

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