Classic 1965 Mustang Chassis Swap Onto A Modern 2010 Ford Mustang

1965 Ford Mustang

Casey at Casey’s Customs picked up this ridiculously cheap 1965 Ford Mustang and naturally he’s got to make a YouTube build series with it.

Self-described as his newest financial mistake, this 1965 Ford Mustang was listed on the Facebook Marketplace for $350.00. Casey made an offer for $250, and the deal was done.

Richard, the seller stated that it was listed so cheaply because it is a very rusty hunk of junk. However, upon further inspection, Casey discovered that the car really isn’t in that bad of shape. Of course, there are areas that have rusted through, but the car is in far better condition than he was expecting. Even the glass and Chrome are there and are in pretty decent shape.

The car is missing the hood, decklid, and bumpers, but the rust is largely limited to the fenders and quarters and the rest of the body is relatively solid. Areas that were affected by serious rust have already been cut out of the car including the front floors, and the rear taillight panel has been removed from the car but thankfully done in a pretty clean manner.

Casey is pondering another budget build, a chassis swap, and is tossing around a wide-body idea. In this opening segment, he shows you the purchase and asks viewers what they want to see him do with it…

In Part 2, Casey gets started on the ’65 Mustang build. He also announces that he will be partnering with Holley on this build who’ll provide a ton of parts from Scott Drake. New parts will Include fenders, quarters, hood, grille, rear valance, a stone deflector, headlight buckets, billet tail lights, and much, much more.

Casey does some more pondering on what this build will become, he again mentions wide-body and looks to the Hoonigan Mustang for inspiration.

Editor’s note: Casey states in Part 2 that the Mustang was purchased for $200, earlier he stated it was $250. We’re not gonna split hairs, either way, it was acquired for a dirt-cheap price.

1965 Mustang Modern Chassis Swap with Hot Coyote Engine

The ’65 Ford Mustang build is underway! The plans on this build are to chassis swap a ’65 mustang and a 2011 Mustang with a Coyote engine!

Cutting up a 2010 For Mustang Wholesale Style

Casey starts cutting up a $2,500 6-cylinder 2010 Mustang that’ll get a Coyote swap and takes the strip pony for a short joy ride!

Planting the ’65 Mustang Body on the 2010 Chassis

Casey gets the balance of the modern Mustang cut up and finally gets the ’65 Mustang body placed on its new chassis! Kinda…

Trimming To Fit

Casey gets the modern Mustang cut the rest of the way up and finally gets the classic ’65 Mustang body on its new chassis for the last time! He also makes sure its still running after all the cutting with a big burnout!

Fitting the Front End

Casey works to get the 1965 Mustang front sheet metal mounted and naturally it doesn’t fit the new chassis very well…

Front Bumper, Apron and Cowl

Casey gets the 1965 Mustangs front bumper mounted, as well as the front apron and the original cowl section — It’s starting to look like a car again…

Rear Bumper, Apron and Quarter Panels

Casey gets the 1965 Mustang rear bumper and apron mounted and welds reinforcements on the modern chassis, then realizes he needs to do the quarter panels to wrap this part of the project up. It’s really starting to look like a car again…

Trunk Lid, Quarter Panels and Air Bags

Casey finally gets the trunk lid! He also welds the quarter panels welded on and gets start on the air bags!

Finishing Up the Air Bags, New Wheels and Tires, Metalwork

Casey does a bunch of metalwork and finally gets the air bags installed! He also gets some new Shelby wheels and tires put on!

Shelby Wheels and Fender Refitting and Sheet Metal Work

Casey gets all the wheel wheels put back on and cut the front fenders in 10 pieces!

Hood, Trunk, and Fender Flares

Casey works to get the hood and truck mounted and makes some fender flares!

Building a Body Kit

Casey works some steel into a body kit that finishes up the area under the door and between the wheels…

Fender Flares, Front Spoiler, and Test Fitting Glass

Casey finishes up the fender flares, gets the front spoiler mounted, and starts fitting the glass…

Wrapping Up Air Suspension and Controls

Casey finishes the air bags and the air bag controls…

Spoiler, Scoop, and Wireless Air Bag Controller

Casey finally gets the rear spoiler, the hood scoop, and the wireless air bag controller!

Hood Scoop, Tail Lights, and Splitter

Casey works on the front splitter (what he’s calling an air diffuser), cuts and sets the ‘right‘ taillights, and finishes up the the hood scoop installation…

Air Diffusers and Fender Flares

Casey announces that he is closing his shop to do YouTube builds full time! He builds diffusers for the the first time ever and finally finishes up the fender flares…

Reassessing the Rear Diffuser and Camber Kit

Casey spends a week building a rear diffuser that loves, then hates, so naturally, he takes care of it, Casey’s Customs style! He also gets crackin’ on the camber kit…


Casey gets all the paint stripped, builds a rear diffuser he doesn’t have to smash, and finally installs the camber kit…


Casey finally welds up all the seams/cuts/modifications and it takes forever, but once done, he takes it for a little drive up the alley…

Bodywork and the Twin Turbos Arrive

Casey gets crackin’ on on the bodywork, and the twin turbo kit finally arrives!

Building the Twin Turbo Setup

Casey starts building the twin turbo setup from scratch and on the cheap!

Sheet Metal Work, Priming, and Turbo Plumbing

The Mustang chassis swap build finally gets some primer! Casey also finishes up the sheet metal work connecting the modern chassis to the old 1965 body and connects the turbos in to the exhaust…

First Start with Twin Turbos

The Mustang Gets Primer

The mustang build finally gets primed! Casey also finishes up the intake and gets the twin turbos running a little better then in the previous episode…

First Drive in the Chassis Swapped Mustang!

The Mustang chassis swap build finally goes on its first drive with the twin turbos ! I does not go well…

First Drift!

The twin turbo engine build is finally finished! To celebrate, Casey takes the ’65 for a drift, and gets crackin’ on the shaved door handle kit…

Stay Tuned…