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How To Prepare a Vehicle for Shipping

Car Shipping and Transport

There are a large number of vehicles that are transported by shipping companies to different cities States and countries every day. By and large, things generally go well. But even with what could be described “a lot of practice”, vehicles still sustain damage during shipping and transportation.

Prior to shipping, ensure the vehicle is properly prepared, and fully inspected. Most reputable companies will inspect and document the vehicle before they ship it. Other factors must be considered as well, these factors are:

  • Inspect the vehicle carefully before arranging for shipment. All parts of the motor should be inspected properly from top to bottom. Check whether the motor carries any damages and if it is damaged, inform the shipper.
  • Check whether the vehicle being shipped is operable and in good working condition.
  • Make sure that alarms and other customized accessories are removed from the car. Some accessories such as spoilers, lights, and mirrors should be removed.
  • Don’t fill the fuel tank completely when it is ready for shipment.
  • Tires should be tested carefully and be in good condition.
  • It is the obligation of the client to ensure that the auto transport company is a licensed, insured, and guaranteed company. It should be seen that well trained, experienced, qualified, and professional movers are available in the shipment.
  • Payment details, mode of transport, duration of delivery, and other details related should be clarified properly.
  • Create a flexible written agreement and enjoy the car shipping with benefits offered.

Car Shipping Tips

These days the demand for car shipping is at its peak. Therefore it’s important that you are aware of these tips to help you to ship your vehicle with confidence. These tips would help you to get a better insight about the transportation of your vehicle it will also enable you to avoid the future confusions which may arise.


The first question which pops up in our minds is the total cost involved in the car transport. You may need to visit multiple car transport companies in order to find the right deal for you. Be prepared to provide questions such as:

  • Where will it be shipped from and where is the destination?
  • What is the departure and arrival date?
  • What type of vehicle will the vehicle be transported in?
  • Is it a door to door service or terminal to terminal service?

Method of Payment

It is important that you are aware of the mode of payment for the transport company. It is necessary that you are aware whether the company accepts the full amount in deposit or 10-15% cash in deposit. If a amount is payable (e.g. 10 -15 %) in advance, then it is required that the remaining amount is payable during the time of delivery.

Read the Contract

Make sure that you do not rely on verbal promises. It is important that you are completely aware about the delivery clause. Be sure that you have gone through all the clauses and see to it that you completely agree with what is specified in the contract. It is important that you are certain of delivery date and be very specific with this because a delay in the delivery of your vehicle can act as a hindrance in your dealing with the company.

Insurance Coverage

It is quite important that your vehicle is insured against theft or damages. Make sure you have a copy of insurance coverage. Verify whether the information is primary or secondary to your own insurance in case there is damage during shipping. Please check if there is a damage deductible. Be sure that all of these things are in writing. Be sure that you don’t leave any items that can be lost or damaged in your vehicle.

Delivery Dates

It would be great to know the delivery date, however some companies may not provide the exact date of delivery. If the company has promised a specific delivery date, then you should make sure that you get it in writing. Ask what the consequences of failing to deliver by the exact dates would be.