Who Says Real Mechanics Don’t Wear Gloves?

Commando Hando - Roadkill Customs.com
Commando Hando ~ No Gloves in the Workshop, huh?

At Roadkill customs, we coined the term “Commando Hando” — No Gloves — and we operated that way for years. We had no interest sis-mittens, sally-sleeve, dish-washing glove / hand and arm condoms…

Humbly, we have changed our ways. As has the Humble Mechanic, who asks:

Real mechanics don’t wear gloves, huh?

Then call me a fake mechanic. Actually, I think mechanics should consider wearing gloves for a number of reasons — and not just to keep their hands clean — automotive mechanics can deal with some nasty chemicals. I support the wearing of the RIGHT gloves for the job!

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