Who Says Real Mechanics Don’t Wear Gloves?

Commando Hando - Roadkill Customs.com
Commando Hando ~ No Gloves in the Workshop, huh?

At Roadkill Customs, our founder coined the term “Commando Hando” — No Gloves — and most of us operated that way for years. There was no interest sis-mittens, sally-sleeves, dish-washing gloves, hand or arm condoms of any kind — at one with our work, if you will.

Humbly, we have seen the light and have changed our ways. As has the Humble Mechanic

Real mechanics don’t wear gloves, huh?

Then call me a fake mechanic. Actually, I think mechanics should consider wearing gloves for a number of reasons — and not just to keep their hands clean — automotive mechanics can deal with some nasty chemicals. I support the wearing of the RIGHT gloves for the job!

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