Which Safety Glasses Are The Best?

Safety Glasses
What brand are the best safety glasses

Project Farm tests Safety glass brands including:

  • Crews Bearcat BK310AF,
  • Bullhead Pompano BH2761AF,
  • Bullhead Pavon BH511,
  • DeWalt Reinforcer DPB101-1D,
  • 3M Virtua,
  • DeWalt Auger DPG58-1C,
  • Bouton Anser 250-AN-10111,
  • Uvex S2960XP,
  • Uvex Genesis S3200,
  • Carhartt Carbondale CHB210DT,
  • Carhartt Spokane CHB310D,
  • Bouton Z12F 250-01-F020, and
  • Bouton Traditional 249-5907-5900.

All of the ANSI z87 rated safety glasses performed significantly better than the glasses tested that weren’t rated as safety glasses.

I really hope this video will motivate more viewers to wear safety glasses to help protect their eyes and eyesight when there’s a potential risk.

Project Farm