Jiggs’ 1947 Ford Pickup

Jiggs' 1947 Ford Pickup

Danny Love shared this story and photos with us ~ This pristine 1947 Ford Pickup belonged to his Dad (aka Jiggs) Danny tells us that he remembers standing up as a young boy in the front seat just to be see out of the windshield. Danny is 54 years old now and says that he “can’t hardly get in the cab now.” He had the truck restored by Red River City Rods and Customs.

Jiggs' 1947 Ford Pickup

A complete frame-off restoration was done, and they clearly did a beautiful job. Danny just wishes his Dad Jiggs was still around to see it, but has lots of good memories of his Dad and this old truck.

Danny says “what I wouldn’t give to be able to hand the keys to my father and see him drive it around and shoot the bull with his friends about it.

Jiggs' 1947 Ford Pickup

Jiggs' 1947 Ford Pickup

Thanks for sharing the truck with us, Danny. We’re pretty sure your Dad’s is rolling around with you…

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  1. Thanks for straighting this up,,I found this page by chance,,and enjoy the cool rides you have posted,,I didnt know how to do it,,but thanks for posting them like this.

  2. Touching story . My dads been gone for 15 years now but it’s kind of funny. We named his old 442 after him. Know I tell my wife I’m going to take Bob out for a top down cruise . We really feel his sprit lives on in that old car. It’s like going on a drive

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