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Do Head Gasket Sealers Work? Two Year Test with Engine Teardown

Head Gasket Repair Sealers
Leaking Head Gasket Sealers and Repair Options

Replacing a head gasket can be difficult and time-consuming, or expensive should you choose to use a mechanic. Sometimes, your car may not be worth the expense or effort, and this is where a head gasket sealer in a bottle comes in handy.

This two-year head gasket sealer test with engine teardown aims to answer the following questions:

  • Do head gasket sealer products actually work?
  • How do liquid head gasket sealer products work?
  • How long do head gasket sealer products last?
  • What does a bad head gasket look like?
  • Do head gasket sealers clog radiators?

In addition to answering these questions, Chris clearly demonstrates how to use a head gasket test kit, how to determine if your head gasket is leaking and how to determine if your engine is a good candidate for a head gasket sealer fix.

Head Gasket Repair Options

  • CRC Head Gasket & Block Repair
  • BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer
  • K-Seal Ultimate Head Gasket Repair
  • Bar’s Leaks Head Seal Blown Head Gasket Repair
Four Brands of Head Gasket Repair Sealer
Head Gasket Repair in a Bottle Contenders

Head Gasket Sealer and Repair Kits — A Two-Year, 10K Mile Test

In this video, ChrisFix shows you how to use a liquid head gasket sealer to repair a bad head gasket in an engine. Once applied, the treated engine is run and tested over the course of 2 years and 10,000 miles.

Following the two-year test, Chris tears the engine down and shows you exactly how the head gasket failed, how the head gasket sealer worked and checks to determine if the radiator became clogged with the sealer.

Head Gasket Sealer and Engine Block Repair Products

Head Gasket/Combustion Leak Test Kit