Charles Darmanjian's '47 Plymouth
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Charles Darmanjian’s ’47 Plymouth

Charles is a one-man-show in a small three bay shop in North Troy, New York. He primarily designs and fabricates parts for cars that are far from rat rods, his project car is a 1947 Plymouth. While his business caters to newer cars, Charles admits that it’s the classics he really enjoys working on. [More…]
Making Sense of Synthetic Lubricants
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Synthetic Lubricants Explained

All of us have seen countless ads telling us to change our engine oil every 3000 miles. But what are we to believe? Or more relevant, what is right for you? This article has the facts about synthetic oils, petroleum based oils, and additives so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for your cars. [More…]
Aaron Anderson’s True Home Grown Rat Rod
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Aaron Anderson’s True Home Grown Rat Rod

The story of Aaron’s Rat Rod goes like this: In 2007 I worked at a dealership in the local town that had a 1936 Dodge dump truck sitting in a grass lot behind a building. I’d have to trim weeds around it when the dealership got slow. I’ve always bought rat rod magazines and always thought about building one, but… [More…]
Hot Rod / Rat Rod Wiring Diagram
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How To Wire Your Hot Rod

Hot Rod Wiring – Diagram Please Note: This diagram was designed for 12 volt systems, but can also be used for 6 volt systems. If used for 6 volt, make all the wires heavier by 2 gauges. For example 14 gauge wire will become 12 gauge, 10 gauge will be 8 gauge, etc. [More…]