Which Non-Methylene Chloride Paint Stripper is Best?

Non-Methylene Chloride Paint Strippers
Which Non-Methylene Chloride Paint Stripper is Best?

YouTube channel Restoration For Beginners tests 7 of the most commonly found Non-Methylene Chloride paint strippers from either Home Depot or Lowes.


  • What is Methylene Chloride? 0:43
  • 7 Non-Methylene Chloride Paint Stripper Products to be Tested 2:56
  • Disclaimers 4:50

Testing the Paint Strippers

  1. Paint Stripping a Skid Plate 5:32
  2. Paint Stripping an Engine Bay 12:24
  3. Stripping Paint from Automotive Exterior 17:38

Recommendation & Conclusion 21:40

What is Methylene Chloride and why should I care?

Methylene Chloride (CH2Cl2) is a colorless liquid that can harm the eyes, skin, liver, and heart. Exposure can cause drowsiness, dizziness, numbness and tingling limbs, and nausea. It may cause cancer.

Severe exposure can cause loss of consciousness and death. Workers may be harmed from exposure to methylene chloride. The level of exposure depends upon the dose, duration, and work being done.

Methylene chloride is used in many industries. It is used in paint removing, degreasing and cleaning, and manufacturing.

Learn more about Methylene Chloride on the CDC’s Workplace Safety and Health Topic website.