How To Get Neat MIG Welds In 3 Easy Steps

How To Get Neat MIG Welds In 3 Steps

Time needed: 15 minutes.

3 Easy Steps To Neat MIG Welds

  1. Prepare and fit parts to be welded.

    Ensure that parts to be welded are clean with any mill scale removed and are well fitted with consistent gaps…Cleaned and fitted metal parts.

  2. Make small well-positioned tack welds.

    Tack welds should be small, well-positioned and ground if needed to not interrupt the actual weld…Cleanly tacked metal parts.

  3. Make dry-runs or practice passes.

    Make sure you have a clear path to make your full pass with a dry-run. You want to be comfortable throughout the weld maintaining good torch angle and view of the puddle.Metal parts tacked and ready to weld.

Matt Urch fully explains each of the 3 easy steps to help you get neat and consistent MIG welds…