Building a Budget Hot Rod Chassis

Budget Built Hot Rod Chassis
Building a Budget Hot Rod Chassis

The “T Wrecks” build by DD Speed Shop is turning out to be quite a visual guide for the ins-and-outs of building a hot rod from whatever’s around the shop.

Owner and walking Canadian stereotype Dan is kicking ass on this ’27 Model T built out of a couple of hundred bucks worth of rusted yard art, a crazy amount of weld wire, and the remains of a Model A frame he got in trade for a case of cheap Canadian beer…

Working with a rusty frame that’s nearly a century old is much easier than it sounds.

Having already tacked in spring pockets and a homemade swing-arm setup, Dan shows how to tackle some of the fitment issues with frame curvature and makes quick work of a gusset to tighten up the rear half.

While the Model A frame is a little sturdier hot rod platform, the boxing and extra gussets address a number of the issues with modified sections flexing and the normal fatigue that comes with steel weathering 90 years or so…

With boxing completed, what to do about the seams and cuts in the frame?

These frames were never intended for more modern V8 power and being cut up by rookies over the years doesn’t do them any favors.

Worse yet, no filler will ever stay in and cover up the ugly welds and cuts in the middle.

The answer to both of these issues: “fish plate” the frame and stick a few squares of plate steel right over the seams…

For this build on a budget, it’s nothing short of mesmerizing watching this transformation from a few steel scraps and a discarded frame.