1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S ~ In Torque We Trust

In Torque We Trust - 1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Bob Gough’s family moved to France for a few years when he was thirteen-years-old, and he grew up idolizing European sports cars and looking down on American muscle…

That was until he discovered the 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S.

The ‘Cuda Formula S was upgraded in-house by Plymouth with suspension and brakes that allow it to keep up with European sports cars in the twisties (that is, all but the tightest twisties).

Bob purchased this car over twenty-three years ago and has gradually upgraded it. He replaced the transmission with a Tremec 5-speed and now runs a 340 cubic inch V8, rather than the original 273 ci engine. He’s also replaced the original 14″ wheels with custom 15″ steelies.

And the only suspension mod that Bob has made is replacing the original shocks with nitrogen shocks that vastly improve the handling. The Plymouth handles so well, in fact, that he frequently surprises sports car owners on drives. And once the curves straighten out, its ample torque allows it to “leave Porsches behind.”

You do need to exercise caution entering corners, though, because the Formula S is prone to rear wheel lock-up—so early braking is a must! Even though Bob pushes the ‘Cuda, it’s actually docile to drive, “but who drives a car like that?”

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