Wheel Simulator Tool For Car Builders Who Want Perfect Wheel Fitment

Wheel Simulator

Over the last 20 years, Mike Keller has built multiple Street Rodder Top 100 cars, best of show winners, NSRA and Goodguys builders choice cars, even America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod. Yet during each and every car he built, he noticed there was a problem…

Born out of frustration and necessity, Verified Fabrication emerged with the development of a wheel simulation tool that is now revolutionary to car builders all over the world!

Removing Error During The Most Crucial Aspects of Car Building

  • STANCE — Simulating the stance with the actual tires and ride height is key to achieving the “look” you are after.
  • POSITIONING — Having the tire you will use in its correct position will help you set up your custom build faster. No more waiting for the custom rims to show up.
  • BACKSPACING/OFFSET — Being able to try out the backspacing you want before you order the rims is a huge relief as well as a time saver.

Stance, positioning, balance, and perfect wheel fitment are all hallmarks of noteworthy cars and that look does not happen by accident.

Mike Keller

Wheel Simulator Features

  • Adjustable from 15″ to 24″ rim diameters.
  • Adjustable from 7″ to 16.5″ rim widths with optional extension slides.
  • Installs quickly and easily.
  • Technical videos and support by the guys who build them!
  • Made in the U.S.A. and ships free in the U.S.A.

Why This Tool Is So Unique

The tool was originally designed for Mike’s own use. He wanted a product that would rapidly go into and out of a tire quickly so it would not cost his customers any more time than necessary. Simple hand tools and slides make this tool easy to install and adjust.

As a guy who started out in his own garage, his goal was to keep this tool within reach of every guy building a car in their garage.

How Easy Is It To Install The Wheel Simulator?

Everything is very intuitively designed to feel very natural in its installation and removal.

Our focus was for you to spend less time messing around with a tool and more time building your custom vehicle.

Common Wheel Simulator Questions

  • Can the wheel simulator support my car?
    No! The wheel simulator is designed to simulate a rim but it is not load-bearing. If you try to support your car with the wheel simulator, we will be happy to sell you replacement parts.
  • What will the simulator not do?
    The tool is not able to simulate tire bulge from air pressure.
  • What bolt patterns are available?
    We sell universal 5 and 6 bolt wheel plates that cover most sizes.
  • Will the wheel simulator fit over my brake rotor or caliper?
    In most cases, yes, but every manufacturer uses different mounting options so in some instances you might have to remove the caliper to use the simulator.
  • What is included in the basic package?
    One wheel simulator that is capable of simulating from a 15″ x 7″ all the way to a 24″ x 11.5″ wheel. Slides are available to measure wider rims from 12″ to 16″ for an additional cost.

Order Directly From the Manufacturer: VerifiedFabrication.com

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Order Directly From the Manufacturer: VerifiedFabrication.com