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Tube Bending Basics ~ What You Need to Know

Tube Bending Basics

Tube Bending Basics Part 1

Tube Bending Basics Part 1 covers the general knowlege regarding materials, dies, benders, Center Line Radius, bending gauge and cheater creation…

Tube Bending Basics Part 2

Part 2 covers the measuring and bending of 3 different types of common bending: Flat (2D) plane bending, Offset (3D) bending, and Bending within a Boundary (such as Nerf Bars). Each type of bending is demnstrated using the “cheater bending” method.

Tube Bending Basics ~ Questions and Answers

A quick video segment which answers viewer submitted questions regarding tube bending.

Questions List:

  • 2:09 Diameter & Wall Thickness Decision
  • 3:23 Bender is off from Reference
  • 4:16 Measuring to Match Plans & Prints
  • 4:39 Cheapest Bending Tool
  • 6:51 Bending Without a Tube Bender
  • 8:37 Diameter X 3 = CLR
  • 9:18 Best Bender for a Newbie
  • 9:50 Bender in my Country
  • 10:13 Can I Do Exhaust Work
  • 11:26 Learning Material