How To Convert Vintage Fluorescent Advertising Lights to LED

How to Convert Vintage Flourescent Advertising Lights to LED

Mike goes over the process for converting two old advertising signs that were once lit by ballast style fluorescent lights to LED lights.

This process requires only simple tools and skills and can be used on any type of fluorescent lights — but is especially great for restoring vintage lights that are cheap (inexpensive) or would normally get thrown away…

From the Video Comments:

The Clock:

“Often the clock mechanisms in old signs or cars can just have the gears cleaned and oiled again for them to work. Most have NEVER been serviced and have become filled with grit and grime as well as the oil has hardened. Take the mechanism off, clean the gears, re-oil it and it should come back to life. Same thing with a car clock. Most are just in need of a good gear cleaning to remove the accumulated dirt in the gears and do proper oiling to get them to work again.”

LED Strip Lights:

“Your LED sign conversion is a great idea but you can go even a bit more inexpensive with more options in brightness and color by using Strip LEDs and 12 volt or 5-volt power supplies you might have stashed in corners around the shop or your basement house from small electronics that no longer work or are not powerful enough for your requirements.”

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How To Cut, Connect and Power LED Strip Lighting

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The tools needed and the correct way to cut LED strip lighting, maintaining full LED bulb functionality.
  • How to connect your LED strip using a pre fitted connector.
  • How to solder onto the LED strip.
  • Using a clip-on connector to connect your LED Strip.
  • How to get a quality finish and protect your LED strip with aluminium extrusion.
  • The maximum run of LED strip to power for optimal performance and to avoid damage.
  • How to select a power supply for your LED strip.