How The John Deere 108 Race Lawn Mower Was Made

John Deere 108 Racing Lawn Mower

Initially, this John Deere 108 mower had all the standard features you’de expect it to have, but YouTuber mycustomgokart began it’s transformation by swapping out the pulley, and a year later, he modified the engine. He uses an old resin jug as a fuel tank and relocated the key to the frontand he may add some headlights, but for now, it rips around at a top speed of 47 MPH.

The throttle has been moved to the right side, and he left side now houses the clutch. The deck lift handle is the [emergency] brake — just a lever to pull the stock brake thats built into the transaxle. The shifter can be found on the right side, while the clutch pedal remains in its original position. Surprisingly, the gas pedal used to be the brake, but he connected a throttle cable there instead and it works just fine.

The stock transaxle is still in use, however, It involved flipping the shifter 180 degrees (as shown in the video). He had to reconfigure and reroute the shifter and says that it may not be the most visually appealing solution, but it functions effectively.

The engine has a seven-inch pulley, while the rear features a one-and-a-half-inch pulley. He used flux core throughout the construction process, proving that you don’t necessarily need top-notch welding equipment to create something fun.

The steering mechanism is the third version he’s attempted. Although he wouldn’t recommend replicating his own approach, he feels like it was the best option at the time.

He took a somewhat spontaneous approach to the modifications — he flipped the wheels to extend their reach and to accommodate the lowered seat between them. The most crucial step for achieving the desired aesthetic was lowering the control unit and the hood by approximately two inches to maintain proper proportions.

This mower has endured quite a lot. The main issue he has encountered is the excessive weight of the frame. It’s incredibly heavy, like a tank. While it would be nice to rebuild the frame to make it lighter, he won’t until he acquires a larger engine. He’s been waiting for the transaxle to fail, but it has been functioning flawlessly for two and a half years.

The only minor inconvenience has been breaking four belts along the way, excluding tools and materials. Initially, he obtained the mower for free, and initially, he only invested $50 into two pulleys (front and rear) and a small pit bike gas tank that he later decided not to use.

Later, he purchased a cheap carburetor for the eight-horsepower engine for $15, and spent an additional $30 on paint and tape for the seat. Over the past two and a half years, he’s gone through approximately four or five belts, costing around $15 each, totaling just under $200.

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