Tech Talk ~ Buick-Style Finned Aluminum Brake Drums

Buick Brake Drum
Finned Aluminum Buick Brake Drums

Finned Aluminum Buick brake drums have been found on some of the coolest hot rods for over half a century, but getting that look has always required extensive machine work to the drum and hub to get them to fit.

Now, Speedway Motors has made it easy with their all-new 45-fin Buick Brake Drums. Forget about scouring the swap meet looking for crusty old drums, then machining them and re-drilling the bolt-pattern.

These are brand new castings that are a direct fit to Speedway’s Early Ford hubs and our 12 x 2-inch Bendix Brakes. Unlike others on the market, these are the real deal, not covers that are just there for looks.

No machining. No re-drilling. Not a cover. Just classic hotrod style…

Speedway Motors Tech Talk ~ Finned Aluminum Buick-Style Brake Drums

Buick-Style Finned Aluminum Brake Drum for Ford Spindles

Speedway Motors has what you need to get that timeless hot rod look without all the work! Sold Each, brand new 12″ 45 Fin “Buick Style” drums. No machining required. Slips directly on our 1937-48 Ford 12″ x 2″ Bendix Brakes # 910-65420 and Early Ford Hub # 910-65450.

  • Bolt Pattern: 5 X 5.5 (with plenty of virgin metal for additional bolt patterns)
  • Overall Diameter: 12″
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • All-new aluminum casting with integral iron braking surface, cast-in.
  • Internally computer balanced, no ugly bolt-on weights.
  • Uniformly smooth, the cast surface is ideal for polishing.

No cores required! Learn More:…