DIY Tips for Running, Flaring, and Bending Brake Lines

DIY Tips For Running, Flaring, And Bending Brake Lines

Although it’s not the most fun job, it’s got to be done — Running brake lines, flaring brake lines, and bending brake lines. So here are some tips and tricks to hopefully make it less painful.

You’ll need these tools to get started:

  • A good cut-off tool
  • A couple of different types of tubing benders
  • And a variety of flat files

When you try to bend the brake lines by hand, you of course get a kink. That’s why a good set of benders come in handy.

First is your pliers-style bender which work great when you’re underneath your project and don’t have a lot of room. They also make a very tight radius.

There’s also the arm-style bender that has three different sized heads. These work well when your brake lines aren’t installed in your project and make a nice clean bend.

A good brake-line cutter is also essential because they have a wheel that will actually cut your brake line and a point that will take the burr out from the inside of your brake line.

When you go to cut your brake line, put light pressure on the cut-off wheel and slowly tighten as you make revolutions.

Taking the burr out from the inside of your brake line allows the perfect flare. A good flat file then trues up your edge.

There are many different types of flaring tools out there including the standard set, the arm and compression style, and the hydraulic style.

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