Automotive Basics

Understanding the Brake Master Cylinder

Deep in the engine compartment, you find the heart of the brake system, the master cylinder. The master cylinder is a hydraulic pump that supplies hydraulic fluid under pressure to each of the wheels. Anything affecting the braking system of a vehicle is of utmost importance to the safety of the passengers. [More…]
Benifits of Fuel Injection
Automotive Basics

Understanding the Benefits of Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is an electronic system which injects fuel into an engine to burn. Nowadays, fuel injectors have become the primary fuel system in automotive engines. Earlier, carburetors were used in place of fuel injectors. In simple words, fuel injectors provide a way for fuel into an engine’s combustion chambers. [More…]
Power Brake Booster - Vacuum Assist
Automotive Basics

Understanding Power Brake Boosters

To understand the principle behind a brake booster, it is important to understand how a basic brake system works. No one would disagree that brakes are essential to the vehicle and safety of the passengers. Most of us haven’t placed much thought behind how it is that our cars stop. [More…]
Hot Rod Shoch Absorbers
Automotive Basics

Understanding Suspension

Most conventional suspension systems use passive springs to absorb impacts and shock absorbers to control spring motions. The majority of land vehicles are suspended by steel springs. In a vehicle, it will reduce the effect of traveling over any rough ground. [More…]
How To Start a Hot Engine
Automotive Basics

Understanding Hot Engine Starts

It is usually a cold engine, which is exposed to extreme weather that is difficult to start. However, a hot engine can have problems too. They can be tough to start and many people don’t know how to deal with this situation when it occurs. Here are some common reason why this may be. [More…]
Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS)
Automotive Basics

Understanding Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS)

Fitting a nitrous kit is definitely the way to go for an instant boost in power. If you’re like us, you’ve probably watched all the installments of the Fast and the Furious for the cars. Whatever your reasons, those movies immortalized nitrous oxide as the most popular means of boosting a car’s performance. [More…]
Performance Brakes
Automotive Basics

Understanding Performance Brakes

Performance brakes are designed to take much more abuse than normal brake components. For this discussion we are limiting ourselves to disc brakes only for the convenience of terminology. Other forms of brakes exist and the same basic principles we will discussed here exist in those systems too. [More…]
The Iconic HEMI Engine
Automotive Basics

Understanding the Iconic HEMI Engine

If you are a car fanatic then you probably already know about all the hype that was created in the 50’s and ’60’s with the HEMI engine. Many people love the power that was created with the advent of this engine, and even though the HEMI engine is hardly used today, it will always be an icon in the automotive world. [More…]
How Differential Gears Work
Automotive Basics

Understanding Differential Gears

I got into a discussion some time ago about welding a rear-end on a street vehicle – It became clear that the guy I was discussing this with did not fully understand how a differential works. This video was made in the 1930’s or so and is the best explanation I have seen to date. [More…]