4th Annual Hot Rod Showdown Coverage

Traditional Hot Rod at the 2022 Hot Rod Showdown

The 4th Annual Hot Rod Showdown was held on Saturday, February 26th, 2022 at the 7A Ranch Pioneer Town, located just minutes from downtown Wimberley, TX. This is a pre-1948 Traditional Hot Rod Show that features traditional styled hot rods and customs.

The venue includes an opera house, cowboy museum, game room, bottle house, print shop, ice cream parlor, log cabins, and several storefronts. The show is limited to 100 pre-registered cars, but this year rain in the forecast (and on the day of the event) kept some participants away.

Hot Rod Showdown ~ Photo by Royboy Productions

Royboy Productions made a 10-hour drive down during the day on Friday when the HRS Texas Hill Country Run was taking place but made it in time to capture this look at the show on Saturday…