Journalist Pushes 100 MPH, Posts Video on Facebook, Gets $1,000 Fine

via ~ A motoring journalist in the U.K. has been fined $1,018 (600 pounds) and given six demerit points for driving dangerously on a notorious road.

Police weren’t able to catch him in the act, but thankfully for them, the automotive journalist did post a video of the incident – er, his “review” – to Facebook…

According to the Derbyshire Police, Joe Achilles was traveling at speeds approaching 100 mph (160km/h) on Snake Pass, a winding, twisty road, with an Audi R8 as his weapon of choice.

The video Achilles posted shows him driving on a rainy day in the U.K., when tire grip was likely low. In a vehicle with the engine in the middle like the Audi R8, it’s easy to experience lift-off oversteer, where the engine becomes un-weighted as the driver lifts off the throttle.

This un-weighting of the engine and rear wheels can cause the car to spin, and it’s obvious from the video there wasn’t any room for error, especially with drivers traveling the other direction.

If the driver’s skill is anything like other ‘motoring journalists,’ then every other car in the road was in serious danger. There’s no reason to drive like this on a public road other than to endanger yourself and others.