How To Make Simple Carbon Fiber Panels

How To Make Simple Carbon Fiber Panels

This video demonstrates step-by-step the basics of carbon fiber lay up for vacuum bagging. The Carbon Fiber fabric used in this video is not what you would normally see — this fabric has a binding agent that helped hold the weave together making the lay up easier for instruction purposes. Your traditional carbon fiber fabrics would be much looser and easier to mold in three dimensional molds…

Carbon Fiber Starter Kits

2×2 Twill 36″ x 6″ –

2×2 Twill 36″ x 14″ –

Carbon Fiber Fabric

Carbon Fiber Fabric – 3K, 2 X 2 – Twill Weave – 1 yd Roll –

Carbon Fiber Fabric 6K 2 x 2 Twill Weave – 50″ Wide – 5 yd Roll –

Epoxy Resin Kits

Epoxy Resin Kit, 3/4 Gallon, High Strength, Easy Wet-Out, Parts A & B Included –