How To Update an Old Dated Dashboard with MDF, Fleece, and Fiberglass

How to Make a Custom Fiberglass Dash

David Guyton shows you how to make an updated and custom fiberglass dash (or any other interior parts) for your hot rod or custom car or truck project.

In this example, he starts with a Chevy Nova dash that is dated and worn. First, he removes the original rectangular gauge cluster and cuts the dash to fit new and larger gauges.

An updated gauge configuration is crafted from 1/4″ MDF — hole saws of the appropriate size were used to make the holes. The dash and fleece were coated with 3M 77 Contact Adhesive, allowed to tack, and the fleece was applied to the dash.

With the fleece adhered to the dash, the face is covered with fiberglass resin that is brushed on. Once cured, the fiberglass resin is sanded, and then coated where needed with plastic filler. Optionally, as done in this case, a slurry of filler and resin can be made that is brushable to ease application.

After sanding is complete, the dash is sprayed with an automotive primer, and then top-coated with a satin black finish. Finally, the gauges are installed making for an updated and professional-looking dashboard.

Watch the Dash Update Start to Finish