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Handmade Toe Boards & Transmission Cover for ’37 Ford Sedan Delivery

1937 Sedan Delivery Handmade Toe Boards And Trans Cover

RAC GARAGE makes toe boards and transmission cover from scratch using 18G sheet metal. There’s also an accident that stops me from working on the project! Blood Will Be Spilt!

1937 Sedan Delivery: Handmade Toe Boards And Trans Cover

RAC GARAGE is trying to make his hot rod dreams a reality for him and his family to have a better life! Join him on his journey of someday building and working on hot rods full-time!

Back to the Build: Here’s the whole enchilada, so far…

1937 Ford Sedan Delivery Project Intro

They got a new client project in the shop and it’s in the shape of a rare 1937 Ford Sedan Delivery! “I can’t wait to start on this bad boy!” — follow along below as he does the metalwork to get this thing back on the road!