How To Ensure Clean, Dry Air for Painting and Powder Coating

How To Ensure Clean, Dry, Compressed Air for Painting, Powder Coating and More

Scott goes over the Complete Filtration System and how to install it to your compressed air system…

The Eastwood Air C.F.S. (Complete Filtration System) includes a high-capacity canister with a long-life 1-micron coalescing filter, and petcock drain to trap moisture and other impurities from a compressed air supply.

  1. Filters particles down to 1-micron
  2. Air Pressure Regulator
  3. 0 to 150 psi air pressure gauge
  4. Integral mounting bracket

The Regulator features a 0 to 160 PSI Gauge. It also features an integral mounting bracket for secure mounting and can be easily upgraded to air drying capability with the optional Eastwood #51567 Desiccant Kit.

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