2017 RatCity Rukkus ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

2017 RatCity Rukkus

The Rodder Files brings you the 2017 Rat City Rukkus, an annual car and culture show in Las Vegas…

About Rat City Rukkus

Brought to you by Kelly, Scott, Jac & Patrick…

“The Brains, the Brawns, the Looks and the Comedy” (not necessarily in that order). These are the guys that make the Rat City Rukkus what it is today!

Each bring their own uniquely developed talents to organize and present one if the premier automotive shows of the year. All of us have been involved in the automotive and motorcycle culture for most of our lives. We embrace this culture and enjoy the friendships that develop through it.

The entire JunkYard Pirate Family puts their heart and soul into the event to ensure the Hot Rod memories you’ll talk about for years to come.