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Volvo Amazon Kia Spectra Swap ~ Swedish Gangsta Sled by Svenmeister

Volvo Amazon Kia Spectra Swap
Volvo Amazon Kia Spectra Swap

The Svenmeister’s latest custom car build is a classic Swedish Volvo Amazon 122S crafted atop a 2005 Kia Spectra…

Part 2 of Svenmeister’s air bagged, body swapped and dropped Volvo Amazon on a Kia Spectra build…

Volvo Amazon Swedish Gangsta Sled

Who Is Svenmeister?

There’s only one Svenmeister! He’s a self-proclaimed custom bike and hot rod builder, high-end home remodeler, and all-around artist.

The crazier the project, the more I dig it.


Svenmeister recently closed down his business, sold off most of his crap, and is currently on the road with his cat Igor living full-time in a custom 1969 Shasta camper.

His goal is to find cool people, shops, and preferably crazy motorized projects (hot rods, rat rods, lowriders, vintage drag cars, race cars, choppers, kustoms, lead sleds, vintage cars, and bikes… anything!) that he can either take some video footage of or hopefully lend a hand with!

He’s not looking for a full-time gig but doesn’t mind staying at one place for a while if help is needed and wanted. Reach Svenmeister via Instagram.