How To Set Up and Operate a NOS Nitrous Refill Station

NOS Nitrous Refill Station
How To Set Up and Operate a NOS Nitrous Refill Station

Nitrous, it’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add horsepower to most any engine. But, refilling your own cylinders, well that can be aggravating as well as time-consuming. Your stuck between having to load up your bottles and drive to a shop that will do nitrous refills or you can try doing it yourself.

You know the routine, buy a mother bottle, wrap it up with a heated blanket or a bottle warmer, then try to make some room in your freezer to chill your bottle or if you don’t have room you’ll have to go out and buy a big cooler and fill it with a bunch of ice. Then cross your fingers and hope for the best. But no matter how good you are, the end result is always the same. Try as you may, you’ll never get all the nitrous you paid for back out of your mother bottle.

On the other hand, a refill station from NOS can not only make the task much easier and faster. If you refill a lot of bottles it can actually save you money in the long run…

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