Abandoned ’68 Charger Gets Rescued and Supercharged. Will It Survive?

Westen Champlin and his Supercharged 1968 Dodge Charger
Westen Champlin and his Supercharged 1968 Dodge Charger

This rescue of an abandoned ’68 Dodge Charger could have been spread over a long, drawn-out build series, but YouTuber Westen Champlin dumps it all in a 12-minute extravaganza of Big Block Mopar love.

This Charger was a one-owner car before being parked in the ’70s and has not run in 35 years, and it needs a drive train. So Westen attacks a 1979 Winnebago crack shack motorhome and violently strips it down with a Kubota SVL 90 and grapple attachment to harvest its 440 big block and TorqueFlite 727 transmission.

It looks like a bad potato, so I am naming it Tater…

Westen Champlin

Unfortunately, yet not surprisingly, the 727 gets cracked during the extraction, but a replacement is found at 1:00 AM in the middle of Missouri so this redneck can go cruising through the foothills of Kansas. Watch…

Tater Gets Supercharged

Westen is back with Tater, the 1968 Dodge Charger he rescued after 35 years. In the previous video, Westen said “I think she needs more horsepower, but that’s for next time.

Well, it’s next time.

Superchargers — They’re heavy, they’re beautiful, and they’re practically the best thing man has ever invented.

Westen Champlin

In this highly entertaining video, Westen puts the big a** supercharger on Tater and then goes to see if she does better burnouts and donuts than she did before.

He starts by tearing everything off the old engine, then starts putting shiny, polished parts back on it — mayhem ensues…