1934 DeSoto Airflow Custom by Bad Chad Customs

1934 Desoto Airflow by Bad Chad Customs

Bad Chad Customs took on a commission to build a custom 1930s style delivery truck, starting with a discarded 1934 DeSoto Airflow coupe…

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Who’s Bad Chad?

Chad Hiltz has the creative ability to make something amazing out of what most would call garbage. The many signs displayed over the buildings are what initially catch the eye of most. They are pleasantly surprised when they come in to find many amazing rides. In the buildings, you will find whatever custom or restoration Chad is working on at the time along with his completed art pieces.

Chad titles all of his creations with a name that has meaning to him. Chad has proven to many that he is becoming someone. His cars have displayed in several magazines with many more to come in the near future.

Chad’s first creation was a 1960 Chrysler named “Bat Out of Hell” which he customized by creating exaggerated wings on the back quarter panels and shortening the roof by 22 inches. He also created a split window in the rear with a dorsal fin and customized the front end using chrome cabinet door handles.

Chad then created a 1939 Plymouth bout tail coupe named “A Way to Heaven”.

This was a 4 door that came from a friend’s junkyard. The name was given because Chad felt this car would take him to places in the car world that he always visualized. The car lived up to its name as it got him in magazines and Gene Winfield himself called that summer requesting Chad to come to California to work with him.

Next, the 1934 Ford bubble top was created. Chad found the body of the car in the woods chopped in two. Chad blew the bubble from 3/8 Plexiglas.
This car was built as a tribute to Ed Big Daddy Roth who is famous for bubble cars. Chad’s fame to claim is this is the first hand-blown bubble car in Canada.

The most recent is Chad’s first complete custom built from scratch named “Cruella DeVille” This car came about when a customer came to Chad with a picture and requested him to build him a similar car. Chad went to work with fifteen sheets of 18 gauge metal and put his creative ability to work. This car was hand-painted by Gene Winfield.

On top of the custom cars, Chad has done many complete restorations including:

1963 Valiant, 1967 Valente, 1955 Mercury, 1969 Camaro, 1969 Firebird, 1967 Ford Half-Ton, 1956 Mercury, 1951 Hazel (Made of Aluminum – 1 of 4 in the World), 1970 GTO Convertible, 1970 GTX, 1971 Mercury Capri, 1969 Ford Half-Ton, 1934 Ford Two Door, 1934 5 Window Coupe, 1964.5 Mustang Convertible, 1930 Model A 5 Window Coupe and many, many more…