Scratch-Building Hot Rod Floor Pans

Scratch-Built Hot Rod Floor Pans
Scratch-Building Hot Rod Floor Pans

Can a dream car really be built from rusted out yard art?

Dan from DD Speed Shop, a popular Youtube channel is out to prove he can.

Starting from a forgotten hulk of a ’27 Model T, Dan is putting together what he fondly calls “T Wrecks” with a few dollars and a whole lot of hard-earned hot rod building skills.

Beginning with a foundation of 1/2″ square tubing, Dan laid out the pans with some poster board to start.

A few minutes with an affordable tool adds strength and style

In order to give it some more rigidity, a budget bead roller was used to form the metal every few inches.

This process helps with the “tin canning” and vibration in the panels.

Working with a hand crank bead roller, Dan churned out some show quality panels in a matter of minutes from paper templates…

Although it’s his first crack at a scratch-built floor, it’s hard to tell a pro didn’t form the floor in T Wrecks. With the aid of a cheap bead roller and a few pieces of poster board, just about anyone can turn out show car worthy pans on a shoestring budget…