How To Cut, Fit and Shape Automotive Carpet

How To Cut, Fit and Shape Automotive Carpet

This video demonstrates (on a mock-up for ease of instruction) several traditionally used techniques to cut, fit and shape the front and rear of a transmission tunnel using non-heat molded, non-backed automotive carpet.

The most common technique consists in doing a ‘T shape cut’ — one long cut from left lowest bottom point all around the rounded section until touching the other right bottom point. A smaller perpendicular ‘cut’ should be done from upper edge to center of transversal line/cut.

The ‘T’ shape ‘cuts’ are most often needed in the front and rear on passenger cars, and only in the front of trucks. All ‘cut edges’ would be sewn on the reverse side.

Editor’s Note: This video lacks narration, but shows a solid demonstration none the less…

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