Degreaser Showdown: Which Product Tackles Grease and Grime Best?

Driveway Cleaners and Engine Degreasers

Not all degreasers are created equal when it comes to keeping your surfaces clean and free from grease and grime. In this comprehensive test, we pitted various degreasing products against each other to determine which one reigns supreme in different cleaning scenarios. From dissolving grease to removing concrete stains and mildew, we put these products to the ultimate test.

Dissolving Grease

Our first challenge was assessing which degreaser could dissolve stubborn grease effectively. We used diesel engine oil, a notoriously tough substance to tackle. Here’s how some of the top contenders fared:

  • Dawn Ultra Platinum ($6 for 32.7 oz): While it claims to remove up to 99% of grease, it didn’t perform well in this category.
  • Super Clean ($5): This product lived up to its name, showing excellent performance in dissolving grease.
  • Purple Power Concentrated Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser ($9): It fell short of expectations and couldn’t match the top performers.
  • Cred Cutter ($12): This product managed to cut through the grease, but not as effectively as others.
  • Zep Concentrated Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser ($14): Despite its bright color, it managed to break down the oil effectively.
  • Oil Eater ($14): While it had an appetite for grease, it wasn’t the best performer in this category.
  • WD40 Specialist ($14): It did a decent job, but it wasn’t among the top performers.
  • Spitfire Heavy Duty Degreaser ($18): With a fiery name, it delivered a good performance, but not the best.
  • Goof Off Concrete Cleaner ($20): This product wasn’t designed for cloth, but its performance was lacking.
  • LA’s Totally Awesome ($22): Despite being an “As Seen on TV” product, it performed better than average.
  • Simple Green Pro HD ($23): This cleaner and degreaser fought hard, nearly matching the top performer.
  • OxiClean ($22): Known for its prowess in tackling grease and grime, it performed exceptionally well.
  • Simple Green Aircraft Cleaner ($18): Designed for aircraft, it showed impressive results, nearly matching OxiClean.

Concrete Stain Removal

To evaluate each product’s ability to remove concrete stains, we soaked concrete blocks in motor oil for 24 hours. Here’s how they fared:

  • OxiClean ($22): It emerged as the top performer in this category.
  • Simple Green Aircraft Cleaner ($18): This product designed for aircraft showed impressive stain-removing capabilities.
  • Purple Power ($9): It didn’t perform well in dissolving grease but managed to handle concrete stains effectively.
  • Spitfire ($18): It did a commendable job in removing concrete stains.
  • LA’s Totally Awesome ($22): This product showed its worth by effectively removing oil stains from concrete.

Mildew Removal

To assess mildew removal, we sprayed the degreasers on the mildew-infested siding. After allowing them to work for 10 minutes, we pressure-washed the surface. Here are the results:

  • Super Clean ($5): Emerged as the top performer in mildew removal.
  • Spitfire ($18): Showed excellent performance in tackling mildew.
  • Oil Eater ($14): Performed well in removing mildew.
  • Zep ($14): Managed to handle mildew effectively.
  • LA’s Totally Awesome ($22): Proved its mettle in mildew removal.


After rigorous testing in various categories, the top performers emerged. OxiClean, Super Clean, and Spitfire showcased their cleaning prowess in different scenarios. However, choosing the best degreaser ultimately depends on your specific cleaning needs.

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