Benefits and Uses of Different Royal Purple Lubricants

Benefits and Uses of Different Motor Oils from Royal Purple

The Engine Power shop builds several engines every year. And while they end up in different vehicles and have different purposes, they all have one thing in common: they rely on Royal Purple to stay lubricated.

Royal Purple offers a lot of different products. They have everything from engine oil to transmission fluids to power steering fluid, so no matter what your platform may be, they have you covered.

Their High-Performance Street Motor Oil (or HPS) is formulated to maximize power. It offers maximum wear protection thanks to an exceptionally high film strength that dramatically reduces engine wear and heat to extend the engine’s life. It’s also a very efficient oil thanks to its exceptional oxidation stability. You can drive more miles in between oil changes which saves time and money. It’s also zinc-fortified, which makes it a great choice for flat tappet cam setups. It’s available in several different viscosities and can be picked up in individual quarts or cases. HPS is great for weekend warriors, street strip machines, or high horsepower daily drivers.

If you drive an older vehicle with 75,000+ miles on it and want ultimate engine protection, Royal Purple’s High Mileage Synthetic Blend (or HMX) is a great option. It’s specifically designed and engineered to minimize wear in older engines. It’s chemically enhanced to revitalize hardened seals and effectively reduce oil consumption, which is common in higher-mileage vehicles. The stout detergents in this blend remove deposits and build up. Zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives and Royal Purple’s Synerlec® technology provide unsurpassed film strength.

Extreme Performance Racing (or XPR) is a synthetic oil designed specifically for multi-platform racing demands, such as out at circle tracks, drag strips, or setting records.

XPR combines the best quality of synthetic-based oil with their proprietary Synerlec® technology and additional performance enhancers that maximize power and torque while providing the highest level of protection against motorsport grade heat and wear.

Both professional engine builders and race teams report increased horsepower, torque, and longer engine life using Royal Purple oils. For more product information, head to