Please note that this service has been suspended due to the pandemic until further notice.

EmblemMart / Roadkill Customs

During your automotive restoration project, or when your car or truck goes into the body shop for repair or fresh paint, the last thing you or a service technician wants to do is try to mask off or retape a used car emblem. This can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming process.

Additionally, and especially in this economy, more and more insurance companies are keeping their eye on the bottom-line costs and are not willing to pony up $20.00-$110.00 dollars for a single replacement emblem — they require body shops to reuse what was on the vehicle.

Our Emblem Restoration Service Technicians will clean and polish your emblem, remove old adhesive, retape and return to you ready to install.

Emblem Mart has perfected a way to provide OEM quality retaping with die cut precision for any automotive emblem at a reasonable price.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Remove the emblems from the vehicle.
  2. Put the emblems in a box and ship them to us.
  3. We return the emblems to you cleaned and polished with new OEM quality tape — you peel and stick the freshened emblem back on the vehicle.

Body Shop Pick-Up and Delivery Service

Our pick-up and delivery services are currently available in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana areas, as well as Southern California. We provide pickup and delivery service every Tuesday and Friday. The emblems we pickup Tuesday will be cleaned, polished, retaped, and returned to your shop on Friday. The emblems picked up on Friday will go through the same process and be delivered to your shop on Tuesday.

  1. Place the emblems in a box.
  2. Show our drivers where to pick up the box.

The fee for this service is $15.00 per week. You are NOT required to sign up for our pick up and delivery service, it is optional. Cleaning and retaping fees are separate.

If you do not want to use our service please feel free to use UPS, Fed Ex or USPS to ship your emblems to us. Your order will be processed and returned using our standard service.

Please keep in mind all orders are returned exactly as you shipped them. This means if you send an order to us Next Day Air, it will be shipped back to you Next Day Air unless you request something different. Customers are responsible for all shipping fees.

Adhesive Specifications

The tape series we use meets OEM specifications for:

  • Chrysler: MS-CH59 (Type B)
  • Ford: WSB-M3G89D
  • GM: GM-3802M (Type VI)

Typical applications for this product:

  • Automotive emblems and logos
  • Bumper trim and inserts
  • Body Cladding
  • Rear deck spoilers
  • Wheel well and door edge moldings
  • Rocker panels
  • Ground effects
  • Air dams
  • Pillar Trim
  • Reveal moldings

This is a High-Strength all-weather bonding tape for a variety of automotive applications.