1951 Dodge Crusader Build Start To Finish

1951 Dodge Crusader Chop Top Before and After Build
1951 Dodge Crusader Chop Top Before and After Build

This is a condensed version of the 15 videos in the playlist for the 1951 Dodge Crusader build by Halfass Kustoms. The transformation from auction purchase to what you see here took roughly four months to build.

Reference points in the video:

00:00​ The Dodge
02:35​ Tearing down the car to chop
05:55​ Chopping the roof
10:52​ Explaining the chop process
17:11​ Welding the roof together
28:48​ Cutting down garnish moldings
31:59​ Cutting glass
39:01​ Applying body filler
45:55​ Priming the chopped top
50:30​ Painting door jams
53:25​ Painting roof on the Dodge
55:19​ Painting the Crusader
57:31​ Interior and upholstery
1:03:44​ Before and After transformation
1:05:30​ Driving the 1951 Dodge Crusader

Editor’s Note: The full build playlist appears below.

1951 Dodge Crusader Full Build Playlist