Which Truck Bed Liner is Best? Roll-On and Spray-On Bed Liners Tested

Which Truck Bed Liner Brand Is Best?
Which Truck Bed Liner Brand Is Best?

A truck bed liner coating is great for all sorts of metal surfaces around the home or shop, not just pick-up truck beds. Project Farm tests both roll-on bed-liner and spray-on bed-liner coatings to determine which brand is the best.

Which roll-on truck bed liner coating is best?

Roll-on bed liner products
Roll-on bed liner products

Roll-on bed liner products tested:

Each roll-on bed liner product is tested for:

  • Adhesion to both bare and primed steel,
  • Cold-temperature impact resistance,
  • Scratch/abrasion resistance,
  • Chemical resistance to rubbing alcohol, gasoline, and diesel, and
  • Ambient temperature impact resistance.

Tools and Supplies used to test roll-on bed liner products:

Which spray-in truck bed liner coating is best?

Project Farm tests several common spray-on bed liner brands for durability in the cold, hot, resistance to chemicals, impact, scratch resistance, and more…

Spray-on Bed Liner Products
Spray-on Bed Liner Products

Spray-on bed liner products tested:

Spray-on vs Roll-on Bedliner Pros & Cons

With so many options out there, how do you choose the bed liner that’s right for you and your rig? Well, it depends on the level of protection you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option that provides long-lasting protection, then a spray-on liner is the one for you. Or, if you want the more personalized look that comes with a permanent protective layer, a roll-on liner is what you’re looking for.

Roll-on Liners

If you’ve ever painted your house, you can make easy work of roll-on bed liner. The perfect DIY project, these top-notch liners are one way to protect your pickup’s bed while adding a little of your own personal flair and ensures moisture and corrosion are nothing to worry about.

They also provide unrivaled UV protection that’s good for up to 10 years – even if it’s bombarded with constant sun exposure. This is a roll-on liner you can depend on for years to come.

Spray-on Liners

Also quick and easy to install, spray-on liners provide that extra layer of defense your bed sorely needs. A non-skid, gripping surface helps ensure your cargo stays in place, even when you’re traveling over rough terrain. Good for 7-10 years, spray-on bed liner kits offer a wide assortment of color options, texture, and thickness, and exceeds the look of most professional bed liners thanks to the innovative and durable urethane/acrylic material.

Truthfully, when it comes to roll-on or spray-on liners, there is no better option – which one is right for you depends entirely on your lifestyle and what you’re looking to get out of it. No matter which one you choose, your bed is sure to look its best and withstand any punishment that comes its way…