Which Air Filter is Best? Fram, K&N, Wix, Purolator, AC Delco Showdown

Which Air Filter is Best?
Which Air Filter is Best?

Project Farm tests Fram Extra Guard, K&N Performance, Purolator, Wix, AC Delco, and EP Auto automotive air filters.

Performance testing includes:

  • filtering particles 5 microns and larger,
  • filtering particles 1-5 microns,
  • new filter static pressure and airflow speed,
  • used filter static pressure and airflow speed, and
  • vehicle 0-60 performance with each brand…

Performance Choice: K&N Filters

If it’s all about performance, or you’re heading to the track for the weekend, the K&N Performance filters are definitely the choice to make.

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K&N High Flow Air Filters

  • K&N Performance High-Flow Air Filters are engineered to improve engine performance by increasing airflow up to 50%. Unlike disposable paper filters which must be frequently replaced, K&N Air Filters are washable, reusable, and engineered to last for the life of your vehicle.
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Non-Performance Choices: Purolator, Wix

For daily drivers and other non-performance applications, Purolator and Wix filters really outperformed the other brands in a big way, showing that while they do cost a little bit more, they’re probably well worth the money.